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Whether she is searching for sassy makeup tools, seeking help with organisation, or wanting to fall in love with inspiring prints, she belongs to the Powder Room. An online space which offers an array of products perfect for the busy, motivated girl. What’s more, it’s place a that offers some unique and whimsical gifts!

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Our professional makeup brushes are handcrafted from 100% synthetic, vegan friendly hair, resulting in super soft brushes available as a set or as individuals.

‘The Details’ 9-piece brush set is designed for makeup enthusiasts and artists alike. 9 carefully curated brushes ensure all facial details are covered, from a controlled foundation stippling brush, to the fluffiest candlelight powder brush. Blend, pat, sculpt and shade effortlessly


Clear Band 3D Lashes

Clear band lashes - also known as invisible band lashes - are one of the newest additions to 3D strip lashes.

By featuring a clear, lightweight band, this avoids the look of heavy and harsh black bands which sit at the root of your lashes.

A stylish and natural finish to your strip lashes.

"Clear-band lashes look so much more natural, giving volume & length without that unsightly black band"

— Emma Campbell, Founder of Powder Room